Kids Collection

Kids Collection

Introducing our newest Kids Cushion Collections! Designed to bring comfort and joy to your little one's room, our collection features a variety of fun and playful cushion designs.

Buy Kids Cushion Covers Online For Your Decor 

From cute and cuddly animals to magical fairies and cartoon characters, our kids cushion covers are sure to delight your child. Made from high-quality materials, our cushion covers are soft, cozy, and perfect for snuggling up with during bedtime or movie nights.

Our kids cushion cover collection includes a range of sizes and shapes, from standard square cushions to cute and dinky disc shapes, making them the perfect addition to any kid's bed or play area. With a variety of bright and vibrant colours to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fancy cushion cover to match your child's room decor.

So why wait? Treat your little one to a cozy and comfortable room with our kid’s collection today!

FAQ's for Kids Collection

1) What kind of cushions are available in the Kids Collection?

We have 5 different collections under the kids collection, each of the collections has three cushion covers, of which one is a fun disc cushion to add to the overall playfulness of this newly launched Kids Collection. 

2) Does the Kids Collection have multi-coloured cushion covers?

Yes, all the collections have bright and vibrant colours available, to charm your little one. 

3) Are the collections according to themes?

Yes, we currently have 5 themes:

-       Animal Print Cushion Covers (Animals)

-       Multi-Coloured Cushion Covers (Circus) 

-       Fancy Cushion Covers (Wizard)

-       Digital Print Cushion Covers (Animated Characters)

-       Balloon Cushions 

4) Is Customization an option?

Yes, we can customize based on your requirements. 

5) How long does it take to customize?

For the kids’ collection, based on the number of pieces, we will require anything between 10-25 working days. 

6) Do you provide all fillers for the kid’s collection?

We only provide the fillers for the disc cushion covers as that will be difficult to procure, the rest can be bought from our website.

7) Are balloon cushions easy to put up on the wall?

Yes, they are, we have provided a loop behind the cushion cover for you to simply hang on any hook on the wall.