Juggler's Collection

Juggler's Collection

Amp up your kid's interiors with animated and playful accessories from the latest Juggler’s Collection decorative cushion covers. The multi-coloured cushion cover prints, inspired by ‘Circus' the most amusing entertainment show of all time. They add vibrancy and movement to any space instantly. Each cushion cover print admiringly captures one aspect of the circus and recreates it in the form of a modern contemporary décor item.

Experience the Circus with our Multi-Coloured Cushion Covers

The sparkling Juggler Collection for kids helps embed the experience of a circus and its emotion right into the interiors of your homes. The meticulously designed creative cushion covers showcase fun flag buntings, which also makes them the best choice to add playfulness to any nook of the house. Multi-coloured cushion covers based on the circus life when combined with some classics can add the oomph factor to the interiors. They exhibit fun, bold, bright aesthetic taste and will come in handy to add character to the entire ensemble.

The multi-coloured cushion covers are made with precise and fine work, superior quality soft micro velvet, thoughtful colour combinations, and clean piping on the edges giving a premium look, feel, and texture. Ease kids into their beds with these ultra-soft cushion covers and see them pass into their dreamland every night. 

Additional attributes that are exclusive to the collection like the use of crushed organza elasticated scrunchie bands in the waist of one cushion type, or the three-dimensional effect is given to the flag on another, that kids can tug around with makes this designer collection perfect for titillating kids' attention. Kids are sure to experience elevated stimulation with these décor options.

Throw in an outdoor circus-themed party by bringing together the multi-coloured cushion covers and animal print cushion covers and let the kids lead the show or allure kids by dazzling these along with the other charmers from the kids range and get an exemplary and wholesome kids décor set up in your homes in a trice.

FAQ's for Juggler’s Collection

1) What is the best way to add a pop of colour to my home?

Cushion covers are the easiest and most affordable way to add a pop of colour for any and every occasion. These can be bought and changed as per your growing child’s whim and fancy. 

2) What is the maintenance for these cushion covers?

Since all these kid’s cushion covers are digitally printed, we recommend only spot-cleaning them.

3) Do the cushion covers come with the filler?

The circular disc cushion cover comes along with its filler, as it will be difficult to procure easily. The rest can be bought as per your requirements. 

4) What is the story behind the Juggler’s cushion cover?

Circus the most amusing entertainment of all times can add vibrancy and movement to any space instantly. The sparkling collection helps embed the experience of a circus and its emotion right into the interiors of your homes.