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Aster Collection

Outshine with Pattern Cushion Covers

Choose from a range of astral patterned cushion covers from the Aster Collection to sprinkle any space with a touch of Japanese art and culture. These charming highlight pieces can oomph up any seating.

Buy Best Cushion Cover Patterns to Transform Your Living Space

The fabric cases of the patterned cushion cover exhibit cosmic-inspired designs that are easy to align with multiple decor styles. If arranged aesthetically with pieces from our other designer geometric cushion covers, it’s effortless to assemble a modish, eye-pleasing arrangement, showing off an eloquent taste. Manufactured with evergreen, breezy fabric, these patterned cushion covers promise an ideal blend of comfort and panache. The pieces in this patterned cushion cover collection offer two of the most comfortable fabrics as the base of their cases: cotton velvet and linen, making them long-lasting and perfect daily-use couch accessories.

Steadying ahead of comfort, the high style quotient of all the cushion covers makes the starry collection of fabric cases an excellent fit to fill your space with eccentric patterns, colours, and textures. Every cushion cover in the collection is made to look appealing with either the same or contrasting coloured edging treatment. The Aster Collection can be matched flawlessly with the Linear Collection and the Moderne Collection; both the premium cushion covers and modern cushion covers from these respective collections are neutral and have multiple fun shapes to play with.

Break the monotony of solid colours with busy patterns, the Aster Cushion Cover Collection is the perfect pinch of finishing touch to give the interiors a new spin in seconds. With top-notch quality and design, this collection makes it hard to choose one from the lot.


1) Which is the most recommended patterned cushion cover to buy from this collection?

We have had an immense appreciation for our Komorebi cushion cover combined with the Tenri cushion cover, both of them together complement one another very well and the colours for both are neutral enough for any space. Check out the rest of our patterned cushion cover designs in this collection to help you select better. 

2) What is the base material used for this collection?

The geometric patterned cushion covers are being made in linen, cotton velvet and faux leather; each of them is durable, comfortable, and extremely plush-looking fabrics.

3) Is there any special maintenance required for the Aster Collection?

The cutwork done by laser cut is delicate and therefore we recommend using this in your private space and not a high-traffic area. Apart from that, all the cushion needs to be spot cleaned. 

4) What is the inspiration behind these patterns?

The Aster collection derives its name from Astral (Star shaped) patterns. The collection is inspired by our travels to Japan, origami, paper lantern, and lots of simple geometric patterns dictate this collection. 

5) Can you customize these patterned cushion covers in different colours and sizes?

Yes, we most certainly can.

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