Printed Cushion Covers

Printed Cushion Covers

Each printed cushion cover is made with high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable, making them the perfect addition to any couch, bed, or armchair.

Printed Cushion Covers

Printed Cushion Covers: Spruce Up Your Home Décor

Shop the Best Printed Cushion Covers Online in India

At Cobalt Living, we understand the power of transforming your living space with a touch of personality. That's why we offer a curated collection of printed cushion covers online, designed to elevate your home décor.

How to Choose the Right Printed Cushion Covers for Your Home?

Finding the perfect printed cushion covers involves considering several factors:

  • By Material:

    Explore luxurious options like cotton and linen for breathability, or go for velvet and silk for a touch of glam. We offer a variety of fabrics to suit your preferences. (Discover our complete collection of Velvet Cushion Covers for a luxurious feel!)
  • By Size:

    We have standard sizes like 18x18 inches, 16x16 inches, 12x18 inches, 14x22 inches and more to fit most cushions, but also offer a range of unique sizes for a customized look.
  • By Design:

    Unleash your creativity! Choose from a kaleidoscope of designs, including bold florals, geometric patterns, classic stripes, and playful animal prints. We even have Indian block print cushion covers and bird print cushion covers for a touch of cultural flair. For a timeless touch, consider our collection of embroidered cushion covers.
  • By Colour:

     Let your personality shine! Our extensive collection boasts a spectrum of colours to match your existing décor. Whether you prefer calming neutrals or vibrant pops of colour, we have you covered.

Check Out the Latest Range of Printed Cushion Covers Online

Our online store features a treasure trove of printed cushion covers, including:

  • Digital print cushion covers:

    Offering sharp and contemporary designs.
  • Custom printed cushion covers:

    Create bespoke cushion covers to match your unique style.
  • Printed sofa cushion covers:

    Refresh your entire sofa with a set of our stylish covers.
  • Animal print cushion covers:

    Channel the natural side with a touch of fierce beauty.
  • Round cushion covers:

    Discover a unique selection of round cushions to add a playful touch to your space.

Why Buy Printed Cushion Covers from Cobalt Living?

  • Unmatched Variety:

    Find a treasure trove of designs, catering to every taste and style.
  • Premium Quality:

    We use high-quality materials for long-lasting comfort and durability.
  • Unbeatable Comfort:

    Sink into the luxurious feel of our cushion covers.
  • Easy Care:

    All of our covers are recommended to be cleaned by the Spot Clean method.

Discover the transformative power of printed cushion covers. Shop Cobalt Living today!




1.      How much does a printed cushion cover cost?

Cobalt Living offers a variety of printed cushion covers, and the price will depend on the specific material, size, and design you choose. You'll find the exact pricing on our product pages Cobalt living.


2.     What material is best for printed cushion covers?

The best material for printed cushion covers depends on your preferences. Here's a quick guide based on the content:

Breathability and comfort: Cotton and linen are great choices.

Luxury and softness: Velvet and silk offer a luxurious feel.

Cobalt Living offers a variety of materials, so you can browse their collection to find what suits you!


3.     Which printed cushion is best for a sofa?

While Cobalt Living offers a variety of printed cushion covers that can be used on sofas, some of the best options for sofas include: Unfold Cushion Cover, Thongdrol Cushion Cover, Thicket Cushion Cover, Corinthian Cushion Cover and more.


4.     Are Printed Cushion Covers popular?

Printed cushion covers are a popular choice for home décor. They offer an easy way to add personality, style, and comfort to your living space. Cobalt Living highlights the variety of designs and colours available, indicating a trend towards using printed cushion covers for home décor.