Luxury Cushion Covers

Yuugen Collection

Charm Away with Yuugen Luxury Cushion Covers

Lounge in style with the Yuugen Collection cushion covers. Garnish any furniture with luxury cushion covers inspired by the Japanese concept of beauty - Yuugen. The fabric cases from the collection represent the universe’s beauty and can weave magic into a seating ensemble. While some pieces exhibit the celebration of life with floral embossments, influenced by the cherry blossom festivals, some portray influences of Japanese traditional attire, rich culture, and mod graphics.

Luxury Cushion Covers

Available in both cool and warm hues, the luxury cushion covers collection can spoil one for choices. Further complementing the shades are the striking design elements on the luxury cushion covers that can instantly lift the style quotient of an area. The luxurious cushion covers owe their whimsical look to the soft, dainty details, unique in every piece.

Influenced by traditional Japanese silhouettes, the posh metal belt fastenings, tassels, frills, and several other elaborate designs make each cushion cover in this collection a highlight piece. The diverse design options in the Yuugen Collection offer an opportunity to experiment with colours, textures, and details to frame eye-catching seating.

Apart from the inspiration, the rich cotton velvet base fabric is the common thread tying the collection together. The soft, premium-quality linen fabric makes the cases ultra-comfortable for regular use. Styling with decorative cushion covers from other collections, such as the Aster Collection or Linear Collection can enhance the luxury cushion covers to ensure a cohesive look to your space. Show off tasteful interiors by crafting plush, relaxing, and romantic seating with these statement pieces.


1) What type of fabrics do you use for these luxury cushion covers?

The primary fabric in this collection is luxury cotton velvet. 

2) What is a different kind of value additions on these luxury cushion covers?

Delicate computer machine embroidery, laser cutting, intricate hand embroidery and use of high fashion waist belts.

3) Why should you buy these luxury cushion covers from us?

Yuugen collection is the crown of all the collections, the grandest of all, and an absolute showstopper!

4) Can you customize these luxury cushion covers in different colours and sizes?

Yes, we most certainly can.

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