Artistic Cushion Covers

Kintsugi Collection

Weave Magic with the Artistic Cushion Covers

Dress up seatings with artistic cushion covers from the Kintsugi Collection. The light embroidery on all the cushion covers of this collection showcase a traditional Japanese art form, Kintsugi, a pottery style that signifies life beyond pain and flaws.

Artistic Cushion Covers

Channelise your artistic instincts and curate an attractive seating arrangement with these conversation starters.

The striking artistic cushion covers of the Kintsugi Collection intertwines uniqueness, vogue, and sophistication into any ambience. Under any light - natural or artificial - the asymmetrical embossments in gold on these artistic cushion covers add an ornate and lively touch to the overall look of the decor accessories.

Apart from being the design element, the embroideries also add texture to the simple yet elegant artistic cushion covers. These embossments make these cushion covers not just uniquely designed but also apt for a festive look. Only premium fabrics like linen and cotton velvet have been used for these classic cases.

The manageable and stylish pieces make for a versatile decor option, as they add a personality to the interiors, be it outdoors or indoors, commercial setups or residential, exhibiting top-of-line choices. Mostly available in dark tones, they work well for layering and as statement loner throw cushion covers. Mixing and matching with embroidered cushion covers is a good creative concept. Add pizazz to your space by pairing an artistic cushion cover with some geometric cushion covers to maximise your décor game.

Although all the cushion covers in this collection come from the same train of thought but are still very different. Further, the varied edging treatments on each piece make every piece in the collection exclusive, giving you various colour, texture, and pattern options to weave magic in your space.


1) Which is the most recommended artistic cushion cover to buy from this collection?

The Cracked Cushion Cover seems to be the hero of this artistic cushion cover collection. The subtle gold embroidery has found its way into many homes due to its ornate feature and neutral grey fabric.

2) Do these artistic cushion covers come with filler?

None of our artistic cushion covers come with fillers, there is an option to buy them separately.

3) Is there any special care for the artistic cushion covers?

The base fabrics for this collection are quite sturdy and provide a very robust life span for these covers. All the artistic cushion covers are recommended for a spot clean only.

4) Can you customize artistic cushion cover designs in different colours and sizes?

Yes, we most certainly can.

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