Fly Me High

Fly Me High

Unwind in poise with the all-new versatile range of premium fancy printed cushion covers, the Cobalt Living's latest Fly Me High Collection. Spray your kid's décor with these cute, patterned accessories for a touch of zing, or zest up these belle beauties in any space from bedrooms to play areas.

Buy Balloon Cushions for a Whimsical Touch to Your Room

These multi-purpose decorative kids cushion covers can be a great way to create a cheerful space.

You can easily put together an aesthetically pleasing setup by placing these playful multi-coloured soft pastel cozy hounds in the background, topping it off with the other balloon cushions from the category. Or, accessorize them as cushy pillows on any bedding and opt for a completely colourful look.

Adding to this, you can refashion the velvet cushions from this unique customized printed cushion covers range in more than one way. Prettify the walls by hanging the balloon cushions as beautiful wall decorations using the loops on the cushions and watch them turn into remarkable and quirky décor toys that sway gracefully above the beds. Further, metamorphose the balloon-like cushions into pretty party décor for parties and get-togethers alike, and simply reorganize them back into your daily furnishing once the function is over.

Every piece in the collection oozes individuality even though they are strung to the same theme of flying high. Jet off your kids upwards in the direction of success, happiness, and strength with not just constant perseverance, unending support, or encouraging words but by also surrounding them with inspiring décor. Position these plump cushy pieces of creative décor next to kids while they are studying, watching a movie, or even while tucking them in bed.

Subtle pastel shades and hues form the highlight of the collection and emit calm and soothing energy. These adorable prints are the perfect balance between bold and simple. They find the ideal middle ground to help you gracefully express your style. The combination of colours, textures, and designs in the collection make them superlative choices for a contemporary style set-up.

FAQ's for Fly me High Collection

1) Can these balloon cushions be hung on the wall?

Yes, the balloon cushions are our most versatile cushions that can be hung on the wall with the small loop provided at the back. 

2) Do you provide the fillers for the balloon cushion covers?

Yes, we do. These sizes are difficult to procure and therefore these fillers are provided.

3) Do you offer customization options for printed cushions at Cobalt Living?

Yes, we do customize cushion covers, you may write to us about your requirements and specifications.

Email –

WhatsApp +91 7710015671

4) Would this Combo – set make a good gift?

Absolutely, prettify the walls by hanging them as beautiful wall decorations or watch them metamorphose into party décor for parties and get-togethers alike.