Asobi Collection

Asobi Collection

Create a bucket load of precious memories with the delightful fun animated characters cushion covers from the Asobi Collection, inspired by traditional Japanese culture. These playful and enchanting contemporary-style prints are sure to level up the interiors of your kid’s bedroom.

Have fun with our Playful & Comfortable Digital Print Cushion Covers

Asobi in Japanese means to play and enjoy oneself. The digital print cushion covers in this range of Asobi Collection’s designs are based on the most loved animated characters, known for their cheerful smile and pleasant demeanour. Kids tend to bond with fictional characters and stories they grow up watching, and the cartoon cushion cover in the Asobi collection tries to replicate this familiarity with a harmonious marriage of imagination, creativity, and precision.

The range brews a concoction of dark as well as bright shades and mostly comprises primary colours. Two or more shades are intermingled in each design in neat patterns. The digital printing on cushion covers are furnished with geometric and symmetrical lines and patterns giving them a systematic and organized finish. Couple them up with the premium cushion covers from Linear Collection and add a symmetry touch to your whole décor.

Let your kids squish and swirl in their beds with high-quality micro velvet cushions. The dazzling colours in the digitally printed designs are sure to sparkle any room at a stroke. Unwind with your child at the end of the day as they snuggle up in their beds for the night.

The digital print cushion covers can be adorned in a variety of ways. The giant Plushy Cushion Cover serves as the perfect accompaniment to the other prints in the collection. Get them all together and throw in some party hangings for a splendid animated character-themed celebration. Mingle them up with the animal print cushion covers from the Animalia collection for an impressive themed décor. Dress up these endearing beauties with the other prints in the kids' collection to build a comprehensive and well-rounded set-up that can spice up any party.

FAQ's for Asobi Collection

1) Can I buy individual kid's cushion covers or only sets for this collection? 

You can buy these as a set as well as individually. Although you can avail 10% discount on combo-sets.

2) Are these animated characters machine-washable?

No, all the digital printed cushion covers will have to be spot cleaned.

3) What is your inspiration behind the Asobi Cushion covers?

Asobi in Japanese means to play and enjoy oneself. The cushion cover designs are based on an imaginative animated character, known for their cheerful smile and pleasant demeanor.

4) Are the digital printed cushion covers in the Asobi Collection available in different sizes?

This collection has three different cushions in three different sizes:

18” x 22” – Plushy Cushion Cover

16” x 16” - Giggle’s Nose Cushion Cover

14” dia disc – Ding Dong Cushion Cover