Give your bed a showroom standard look with designer cushions

Have there ever been times when you become so dependent on something that going more than a day without it would kill you? That’s the importance of a bed, it instantly gives you a sense of relaxation and coziness. It's about time you gave your bed the attention it merits because you sleep on it every night. A bed is much more than only a place to lay your head at night. In addition, it serves as the visual focal point of any bedroom, representing the aesthetic, taste and style of the owner while evoking sensations of comfort and relaxation.

Perfect Bedroom Setup With Cushions

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  • How should a bed be made?
  • How many cushions should you use?
  • How much is excessive?
  • What cushion size is ideal?

There are so many things to think about when it comes to styling your bed with designer cushions. Here are some principles to keep in mind.

  • Minimal Approach

Less is more, typically, less than 5 cushions. But even so, they are still expressive, elegant and well-kept. As a backrest for your accent cushions, which you may either have lying down or standing up, stack four conventional cushions at the top of the bed.

  • Mix It Up

The sizes of the designer cushions can be arranged in rows, from largest to smallest. Standard and euro shams mixed together, with fancy cushions up front. This truly is a sensation.

Diverse Cushion Set For Bedroom

  • Messy and Diverse

For those whose mornings are busy or who enjoy designer cushions but don't mind a "throw and go" appearance, this look would suit you best!

Decorative Cushion Set

  • The Star of the Show

There is not one size that fits all. Increase the ante and question the accepted wisdom regarding cushion sizes. Place several large, soft cushions alongside some smaller ones in a line. Combo of 8 cushions (king-sized bed). Place three Euro shams at the far back, followed by three standard cushions and two smaller decorative cushions in the very front.

Beautiful Cushions From Cobalt Living

(Image credit: The Charcoal Room)

Ultimately, your bed belongs to you for a reason. It goes without saying that you want it to represent you and include all of your own design sensibility. However, it should also make sense in terms of aesthetics, with textures, materials, and designs that are appropriate for a peaceful, quiet refuge. Shop for beautiful cushions with “Cobalt Living” and attain the balance carefully, putting the sanctuary you've been longing for within reach.

Designer Cushions For Bedroom

Happy Styling!

Team Cobalt Living

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