Fabrics Best Suited for Kids Cushion Covers

When designing a child's room, it is always sensible to seek for timeless trends that the room can simply adjust with your child as they grow older. As a parent, everyone wants what's best for their children. And while picking items for them, be it decorative cushion covers, clothing or such, it frequently happens that parents lean more towards the current trends.

But choosing the right textile material is very important.

Children of various ages have different demands. While parents of toddlers would worry about upholstery stains and textile durability, parents of young children tend to look for natural, comfortable fabrics out of concern for their comfort.

Now, with so many thematic possibilities in the market, choosing the ideal set might be a difficult task. Let us help you with a basic guideline best suited for kids cushion covers.

  • Cotton

Given that cotton proudly owns the title of the safest textile, it might always be a parent's natural pick. It is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly textiles. Children’s clothing, decorative cushions, bedsheets of cotton material are perfect for any time of the year; they don't trigger allergies, are strong enough to last, and are remarkably chemical resistant.

Cartoon character themed kids cushion cover

  • Satin

Satin is a fabric that is made from silk, polyester, or a blend of the two. It is known for its smooth, glossy surface and its draping qualities. Satin can be used to make a variety of clothing items, cushion covers, bedsheets etc. It can be ironed easily and is well-ventilated. Satin is appropriate for young children. It maintains the body temperature because of its reduced thermal conductivity. Also, a perfect material to print lovely motifs as the colours are exceptionally brighter and livelier on this fabric.

Bright and colorful cartoon cushion cover for children's room

  • Micro Velvet

Micro velvet can be a fantastic choice for kid’s decorative cushion covers because of its soft and plush feel. The fabric's dense pile makes it comfortable to sit on, and it can add a cozy and inviting look to a child's room. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it ideal for decorative cushion covers. There are many different textures, designs, and hues of micro velvet. Micro velvet can be utilised as a more affordable alternative to cotton and suede because of its capacity to imitate those materials. Micro velvet is a popular choice for children’s clothing, beddings and cushions.

There are also several types of print methods that can be used on micro velvet such as, sublimation printing, digital printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing, and embroidery. You can print various different patterns and designs such as floral, geometric, abstract, animal prints, nature inspired patterns, graphic designs and many such custom designs.

It is important to note that when designing for micro velvet fabrics, the designs should have a noticeable contrast between the background and the design colours, as the pile of the fabric can make it difficult to see fine details. Vector based designs are the best way to ensure the best print quality on micro velvet fabrics.

Adorable cartoon animal print cushion cover for kids

  • Linen

Cotton might be the cozy textile out there when it comes to natural textiles, but linen takes the top spot for being the most organic and naturally lovable fabric. It may endure for decades if managed properly, and the longer it is used, the softer it gets. They can be used in decorative cushion covers as an accent in a child’s bedroom or playroom, or as a comfortable seat or backrest for reading or playing. They are often made with bright colours and fun patterns that appeal to children.

Linen fabric is known for its durability and longevity, but it does require some special care to maintain its quality, like ironing, dry cleaning, avoiding bleach, over-exposure to heat and sunlight causes the fabric to fade very easily.

Child-friendly cartoon print cushion cover for snuggling

  • Wool

Wool is another natural, readily-cleanable material to take into account. But it needs special attention and maintenance. Wool makes an excellent material for cushion covers in kid's bedroom because it absorbs heat and essentially doesn’t soil easily. However, some woolen fibres might be uncomfortable to the skin and can cause itching. As a result, consider the wool's composition while selecting the decorative cushion covers for kids made of woolen fabric.

Kids favorite cartoon characters on a cushion cover for their room

Add a unique touch to the kid's interiors by carefully choosing and pairing textiles. With the specially developed Kids cushion cover Collection on Cobalt Living, use your imagination to create any dreamy decor to make your child happy and healthy.

Stylish cartoon cushion cover in multiple designs for kids

Happy “giggles* Styling!

Team Cobalt Living.

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