Soirée Collection

Soirée Collection

Hold onto your throw pillows, because Cobalt Living is about to blow your mind with the latest sensation. A collection of trendsetting woven cushion covers that effortlessly blend into your décor, feeling like they were meant to be there all along.

Woven Cushion Covers

Let's dive into the details, shall we? The Horizon Cushion Cover is draped in the lap of luxury with an ecru corduroy fabric so soft you'll be tempted to host a cuddle party. But it's not just about the cozy feels – it's a visual spectacle. We've got a self-flange detail, because, you know, why settle for ordinary? And a snazzy diagonally striped blue piping that's here to party and add a pop of life. This woven cushion cover isn't just a background player; it's the VIP that'll make your other cushions do a double take!

Onto the Fusion Cushion Cover – the love child of luxury and modern chic. With textured viscose mingling with frost-blue faux leather, this woven cushion cover showcases the ultimate fabric fusion. It's a visual masterpiece that's not afraid to show off its reversible side.

Classic checks in charcoal, because who said checks were just for shirts? The Gimcrack cushion cover is the rebel of style, with clean lines that scream 'Bauhaus chic.' But wait, there's more! We've got scalloped faux leather showing off in threes and a grosgrain tape doing a little houndstooth dance. This woven cushion cover is like the cool kid in the design block – timeless yet unique.

Last but certainly not least, drumroll, please – the Fuzz Ball Cushion! Handcrafted with more passion than your grandma's secret recipe, this bad boy is here to redefine opulence. Artificial fur that's so plush, it's practically a fluff fest. This fuzzball is the rebel, the troublemaker that adds a dash of whimsy to your seating posse. It's not just a woven cushion cover; it's a conversation starter, a living room legend in the making!

Elevate your décor with Cobalt Living's Soiree Collection – where individual brilliance meets ensemble elegance now available in a set of 5 woven cushion covers!