Traditional Cushion Covers

Imperial Collection

Behold the regal grandeur of our traditional cushion cover collection—a curated ensemble that unveils a symphony of textures and artistry, transforming your living spaces into palatial retreats. Within this regal tapestry of comfort, we present to you a quintet of cushions, each a majestic entity in its own right.

Traditional Cushion Covers

Picture the first pair of Tessellate cushion covers, a visual poem that intertwines the ancient allure of wabi-sabi chequered linen with a playful fringe dance, an ode to imperfection that radiates rustic charm. As you caress its textured satin reverse, a tactile masterpiece unveils itself, inviting your fingers to trace the intricacies of thoughtful design.

The second duo of Vista cushion covers, a harmonious marriage of high-quality chenille and the timeless artistry of ikat patterns, invites you to indulge in luxurious velvetiness and culturally rich aesthetics. Adorned with cord piping in plush cotton velvet, these traditional cushion covers are a regal proclamation of artistic focal points in your realm.

Embrace these traditional cushion covers as your royal companions, and let your living space transcend into a kingdom of sumptuous comfort and timeless elegance. Explore the entire collection, also available in a traditional cushion cover set of 4, for a complete regal transformation.

FAQs for Traditional Cushion Covers:

  1. What makes traditional cushion covers unique?

A - Yes, traditional cushion covers are unique, featuring regal grandeur and artistic designs. For example, the Tessellate covers blend chequered linen with a playful fringe, radiating rustic charm. The Vista covers combine high-quality chenille and ikat patterns for luxurious velvetiness. The Rotund Raku disc cushion, inspired by 16th-century Japanese ceramics, adds a unique touch with mustard-coquet fabric and crackled glazes. Each cushion cover transforms living spaces into palatial retreats.

  1. What fabrics are typically used for traditional cushion covers?

A - The traditional cushion covers mentioned in the collection are made from fabrics such as richly embossed chenille, cotton velvet, satins, and jacquards.

  1. What are the different types of traditional cushion covers available?

Traditional cushion covers boast diverse motifs and patterns that weave together cultural heritage and timeless elegance. Among these, ikat patterns originating from various cultures exhibit intricate designs and vibrant colors, while chequered linen evokes rustic charm with its irregular squares, embodying the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Playful fringe embellishments add movement and texture, while cord piping in plush materials such as cotton velvet offers both decorative flair and structural support. Each cushion cover becomes a symbolic representation of craftsmanship and heritage, inviting you to adorn your living space with stories of the past and present.


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