Teal Cushion Covers

Dionysian Collection

Welcome to a world where comfort intertwines with couture, where each cushion is not just a piece of décor but a statement in modern living. Join us on an enchanting journey through our exclusive teal cushion cover collection.

Teal Cushion Covers

Step into luxury as faux suede fabric converges with meticulous artistry in our Fuller Suede Cushion covers. Three box pleats adorned with hand-embroidered gunmetal tubes and beads create a texture-rich masterpiece. The rich peacock colour and modish design inject a burst of vogue into your living space, promising a glamorous touch fit for the most lavish interiors.

Unleash the magic of unquestionable luxury with our glossy-finish cotton velvet cushion cover. This mocha-coloured masterpiece is not just a décor piece; it's a trick up your sleeve for jazzing up any setting. Adorned with fancy laser-cut rattan (faux leather) webbing, this teal cushion cover creates an inviting poetic setting.

Elevate your living area with a harmonious fusion of refinement and trendsetting flair. Our silver aqua-coloured Pixel cushion cover boasts a mesmerizing zig-zag motif and a central tan faux leather band adorned with a gold ring-style buckle. Flip it, and the reverse side reveals silver metallic satin, offering a plush, comforting feel. This distinct finishing touch transforms the teal cushion cover into a tactile delight, seamlessly blending contemporary design with timeless elegance.

Your home deserves nothing less than a touch of luxury. Embrace the art of modern living with our Collection and let your space tell a story of style! Available in a captivating set of 4 teal cushion covers.

FAQs for Teal Cushion Covers:

  1. Are teal cushion covers suitable for both warm and cool tones in my décor?

Teal colour essentially is a cool colour but when paired with a warm chocolate brown, it can be used to create a warmer environment. The rich peacock color, mocha-colored velvet, and silver aqua-colored Pixel cushion covers offer versatility that seamlessly blends with various color schemes, adding a touch of luxury and style to your living space.

  1. Do you offer teal cushion covers with tassels or other decorative elements?

Yes, we offer teal cushion covers with decorative elements. Examples include the Fuller Suede with hand-embroidered details, the glossy-finish cotton velvet with laser-cut rattan webbing, and the Pixel cover with the faux leather band.

  1. How can I protect my teal cushion covers from stains and spills?

To safeguard your teal cushion covers effectively, start by applying a fabric protector spray. This will create a protective shield, making it more resistant to stains and spills. In case of any accidental spills or stains, promptly address them by spot cleaning with a mild fabric cleaner. Regularly implementing these measures will help preserve the beauty and longevity of your teal cushion covers.


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