Quilted Cushion Covers

Parnassus Collection

Step into a realm of elevated coziness with our quilted cushion cover set of 4 – a carefully curated collection where artistic expression and comfort unite seamlessly. Let us walk you through the enchanting details of each cushion, turning your living space into a haven of style and warmth.

Quilted Cushion Covers

Sinking into the soft embrace of our first pair, boasting the timeless "Autumn Check" design. Picture soft rust-coloured checkered felt blending gracefully with traditional Scottish tartan quilting. It's not just a cushion; it's a heritage-infused masterpiece that radiates warmth and history, instantly transforming your space into a sanctuary of comfort.

Shifting our focus to the second quilted cushion cover – a true embodiment of understated charm. Horizontal chevron stripes grace the front, while the back indulges in the trendy combination of boucle and smooth satin. It's a versatile choice that effortlessly fits into modern, lively settings, adding that perfect touch of contemporary elegance to your space.

And there's more! The third quilted cushion cover in our set is not just a décor piece; it's a storyteller. Picture a rhythmic chevron pattern inviting you into its narrative, seamlessly transitioning into creamy boucle fabric. This quilted cushion cover doesn't just sit there; it beckons you to become a part of the story it weaves, making your space not just a home but a tale waiting to unfold.

So, are you ready to transform your living space into a realm where every cushion cover has a story to tell, and comfort meets curated artistry? The journey begins with our quilted cushion cover set of 4, available under our specially curated cushion cover sets. Let the transformation commence!

FAQs for Quilted Cushion Covers:

  1. Are quilted cushion covers suitable for both summer and winter?

A – Yes, the quilted cushion covers are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for both summer and winter. The emphasis on adaptability and diverse designs can complement your living space throughout the year.

  1. Do you offer sets of quilted cushion covers with throws or other bedding items?

A - Certainly! We take pride in offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing your living space. Our commitment goes beyond individual cushion covers – we do customize entire bedding sets for every collection. This includes carefully curated combinations of quilted cushion covers, throws, and other bedding items, ensuring a cohesive and stylish transformation for your home. Each collection is thoughtfully designed to provide a complete and harmonious aesthetic, allowing you to effortlessly elevate the comfort and style of your living space with our specially curated sets.

  1. What types of fabric are quilted cushion covers typically made of?

A - Quilted cushion covers can be made from a variety of fabrics, each contributing its unique characteristics to the final product. Examples include felt, which provides a soft and warm feel; tartan, known for its traditional Scottish charm and durability; and boucle, adding texture and visual interest. Additionally, common materials such as cotton, linen, satin, and others like velvet or polyester blend offer versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal in quilting projects. These fabric options provide a range of textures, from smooth and crisp to plush and luxurious, allowing for diverse designs that suit different styles and preferences.


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