Icarian Collection

Icarian Collection

Introducing our Icarian Collection – a captivating ensemble that effortlessly elevates your home décor to new heights!

Classic Cushion Covers

First in line, is the Houndstooth marvel, a timeless piece weaving together history. With its roots in Scottish textile tradition, the iconic houndstooth pattern adorns the front, creating a geometric masterpiece that exudes elegance. The satin-backed classic cushion cover not only offers a luxurious feel but also boasts tan-coloured art leather cord piping for that extra touch of refinement.

Next up, the Astray Cushion Cover – a versatile gem that effortlessly fits into any setting, from residences to offices and even restaurants. The front of this classic cushion cover is adorned with beautifully woven charcoal thread-work, inviting a tactile journey, and creating visual interest and comfort.

Last but certainly not least, our Embella cushion cover, is a testament to technological artistry. Immerse yourself in the soft embrace of cotton velvet, adorned with a glorious golden delicate flower design. Crafted through computer machine embroidery, this golden floral motif adds a regal touch and exemplifies the seamless fusion of technology and virtuosity.

Elevate your home effortlessly with this refined addition, a symbol of your dedication to creating a living space that mirrors your unique style because your home deserves nothing but the best. Our Icarian Collection is also available as a classic cushion cover set of 4. Shop now!