Stylish, clean cushion covers add an extra dimension to any living space or a cozy outdoor setting. Cushion covers can collect dust, stains and body oils that leave them looking dull & unattractive. You may not want to wash your cushion covers every single week, but you can easily keep them feeling fresh and luxurious; you simply unzip the case, remove the inner cushion filler and follow the cleaning advices.

Cushion Cover Designs For Sofa

Plum & Fluff them up daily

Do not let your cushion cover get tired and flat. Plump them up daily to get as fluffy as when you first bought them. To do this, best fluffing and plumping technique is the Karate chop method, beat them up……have fun with them!

Simply hold the cushion over your knee, & give it a few karate chops or spanking on each side. This will work the filler back into the corners of the cushion to give it that plump, & fluffy fill.

Fluffing Up Cushion Covers

Treat stains straight away

Cushion covers can be left looking dull and stained because of body oils, collection of dust, midnight snacking stains. To keep these stylish cushion covers looking as fresh as new, you can spot clean the stains by using a cloth to gently dab any dirt or liquid. Make sure you check the care label before applying any cleaning products. Start by using in small amount by taking the cushion cover off the filler.

Spot Cleaning Cushion Covers

Gently Cleaning the Cushion Covers

Vacuum them regularly

To remove any dirt and prevent your cushion cover from dust, it’s highly recommended to vacuum your cushion covers once a week. A buildup of dirt can damage the fibers of your cushion covers. To avoid this, you can collect any dust, small particles or hair using a small handheld vacuum. To extend the life of the fibers of your cushion covers and their appearance, vacuum them on a low suction.

Vacuuming the Cushion Covers

Always air dry your cushion inserts

To protect your perfectly plump cushion inserts you need to keep them clean and dry. It is always good to air dry your cushion inserts naturally to avoid the filling becoming clumped and to stop any bad odor from occurring. In addition, every three to six months, you should air out your cushion inserts. Remove them from their cover and air out in a sunny post. This will keep them germ free and fresh.

Drying the Cushion Cover Fillers

Decorative cushion covers

Decorative cushion covers have lots of surface embellishments that is why they need to be handled differently. Because of delicacy of ornamentation you can’t wash them often. You can keep them fresher looking for longer by having those seldom on a chair or away from the body & hair oil contact. We recommend you clean your cushion covers by a professional dry cleaning agency.

Keep the Decorative Cushion Covers Fresh

Important! Read the label

Always read and follow the care label instruction. Every cushion cover has different ways of cleaning. Some cushion covers may indicate dry clean or hand wash, while some can pop in the washing machine on a low temperature. It may spoil your cushion cover if you risk it without following the label instructions.

Always Check The Label On Cushion Covers 

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