Choosing Design Patterns For Cushion Covers – Part 3


A lot of cushion cover designs are inspired from popular period cultures like Art Deco, Baroque and Pop Art to name a few. These make a very grand and rich addition to your home making your living space absolutely unique and eye-catching.


A number of characteristics are commonly associated with the Baroque period, including grandeur, sensuality, drama, dynamism, movement, tension, emotional exuberance, and a tendency to blur the distinctions between fields of art. The Baroque style also uses contrast, movement, exuberant detail, deep colour, grandeur, and surprise to achieve a sense of awe. Hence, using baroque inspired cushion covers would bring exactly that to your home. Because the Baroque has a dramatic flair, the colours of your cushion covers should be rich and bold. They ought to shimmer like gold! 

Designer Pattern Cushion Covers


Art Deco is a popular design style of the 1920s and '30s characterized especially by sleek and bold geometry, stylized forms, rich colours and decadent detail work. If you're a fan of geometric patterns and wish you could live in The Great Gatsby, Art Deco style is the perfect way to bring the romance of the 1920s to the 21st century. This cushion cover design would bring in glamour, luxury, and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes to your home.

Geometric Cushion Covers


Pop art is rebellious, chic and gives your home an uber-cool look. If you love bold colours, expressive designs, and quirky art forms, then pop art is just perfect for you. You can experiment with anything that challenges the traditional artistic art form and does not adhere to any boundaries in creativity as Pop Art celebrates imperfections, and revels in its uniqueness. Some of the defining qualities of Pop Art are the use of bold, bright primary colours, exciting techniques and a strong emphasis on graphics. Your cushion cover designs must be bright and clashing. Choose two bright contrasting colours and a neutral to balance them out. So, make sure you adhere to all these Pop Art features and remember that the look has to be “go big or go home”!

Artistic Cushion Covers

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Finding it difficult to look for individual cushion cover designs and pairing them for your living space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

We have handpicked cushion covers from our collections and paired them as per the Looks. You can decide on a theme and simply choose the best suited from them and enjoy the beauty they bring to your home!

Handpicked Cushion Covers

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