Choosing Design Patterns For Cushion Covers – Part 2

We have talked about a modern or contemporary set up. Now, here are some tips on how you can choose designs for cushion covers in a classical arrangement.


You can never go wrong with florals! Home floral designs are as diverse as natural blooms. You may go with either bold or dainty floral cushion cover designs according to your arrangement or the theme of your living space. Dainty floral patterns for cushion covers usually go well in a minimal setting. However, bold floral cushion covers can also be used in a minimal setting as long as the colour scheme of the cushion cover design is subtle and neutral. Make sure you don’t use a lot of busy patterns together. Try to pair them with a solid or a geometric cushion cover and it will enhance your home.

Floral cushion covers on Sofa


In both life and interiors, even the mildest person can benefit from the occasional walk on the wild side. Whether gracing neutral bedroom or a rustic living room, cushion covers with animal prints make a big impact in spaces where their appearance is entirely unexpected. It adds a sense of adventure, diversity and glamour to your home in a way that few other looks do. But it also can be toned down to behave simply as an accent that sings vibrancy.

Animal Print Cushion Covers


Damask cushion cover designs bring an elegant feel to any space. They are typically characterized by reversible, swirling patterns that often resemble leaves or feathers. If you already have a room with a lot of colours and patterns, opt for a pale damask cushion cover with two similar tones such as beige and white. For detailed, contrasting and busy damask patterns, pairing them with a solid cushion cover or a chevron would bring a uniqueness to your room. Try out a bold damask design in vibrant colours to create a statement, or a more neutral palette for a more elegant look.

Damask cushion cover designs


Over the centuries, boteh jegheh or Paisley has been a popular Persian design. This cushion cover design mostly goes along with bohemian or ethnic settings. Choose your colour palette wisely! Paisley designs can comprise multiple different colours or one single colourway in varying shades. Pick the colour palette that you’ll easily be able to incorporate into your home and one that matches your style. You can also try to pair the busy and bold pattern with solid cushion covers. Don’t want to play it safe? Paisley cushion covers can be paired beautifully with other cushion covers patterned with checks or stripes. Paisley prints should be paired with small checks or thin stripes.

Paisley Designer cushion cover


Trims and tassels play a major role when it comes to classical arrangements in adding the luxurious appeal to cushion covers and bringing. It brings that classic feel that you desire in your home. So, choosing cushions with this additional feature might just complete your classical home!

Patterned Designer Cushion covers


Can’t find the cushion cover designs you’re looking for? Well, look no more! We are here to help you!

We have a wide range of designer cushion covers from our collections and paired them as per the Looks. Pick a theme and simply choose out of the ready looks and spruce up your home as you desire!

Cushion cover collection

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