Cushion Cover Sets

Cushion Cover Sets (Combo Sets)

The newly introduced cushion cover combo-sets offer a hassle-free shopping experience for customers who want to decorate their homes with stylish and coordinated cushions.

Buy Cushion Cover Sets For Your Home

Cushion covers for each set were meticulously curated from our collections, bringing together a variety of designs, colours, and styles to meet diverse tastes and preferences. Customers find it easier to create a cohesive design in their house when they may choose from pre-selected cushion cover sets rather than individual cushion covers. We have everything from sleek and contemporary styles to fun and entertaining combinations for your little ones!

Whether you wish to add more comfort to your furniture or simply freshen the style of your home, these cushion cover sets provide a simple and easy solution.

Experience Comfort and Style with Cushion Sets

Our cushion sets are­ very comfortable. They are­ made from good materials like fake­ leather, suede­, and soft velvet cotton, making sure the­y feel good and last a long time to use­ for years. Also, the differe­nt shapes and sizes we have­ help meet lots of ne­eds people have­ for how they use cushions.

Find the Right Fit for Your Place­ With Cushion Cover Sets

We have­ many cushion sets in different size­s. Popular sizes are 18x18 inches and 16x16 inche­s. We also have round cushions like circle­ and ball cushions. These can make your living room look spe­cial.

Mix & Match Cushion Cover Sets for a Personalized Touch

These­ cushion sets with covers make it e­asy to give a room the same look. But Cobalt Living also has lots of single­ cushions. You can be creative and pick cushions with diffe­rent looks, styles, and feel to make your space your special way.

So, take advantage of these benefits and incentives, and give your home a wonderful new look with these cushion covers! Happy shopping!


Q.1: What are the different types of cushion cover sets?

A: Cushion cover sets come in a variety of styles, including pair sets, three cushion cover sets, four cushion cover sets, five cushion cover sets, and six cushion cover sets. These sets come in a range of designs, colours, and styles to suit diverse tastes. They are a simple and easy method to improve comfort or refresh the appearance of your house while also creating a cohesive effect.

Q.2: How do I choose the right cushion cover set for my needs?

A: When looking for the perfect cushion cover set, pick a design that complements your home décor. The Chorale Cushion Cover Set adds a modern touch inspired by Bauhaus. Alternatively, the Lithe Cushion Cover Set combines sumptuous textures and exquisite designs. Don't forget to consider materials such as faux leather, suede, or cotton-velvet, as well as their compatibility with your existing furniture. By taking these elements into account, you will be able to find a trendy set that perfectly matches your preferences.

Q.3: How do I care for my cushion cover set?

A: To care for your Cobalt Living’s cushion cover set, only spot cleaning is recommended.

Q.4: Where can I buy a cushion cover set?

A: Cobalt Living offers high-quality cushion cover sets. We provide attractive designs, good customer service, and a flawless online purchasing experience. Transform your home environment immediately with our quality collection!

Q.5: What are the different materials used to make cushion cover sets?

A: Cushion cover sets from Cobalt Living are composed of high-quality materials such as suede, chenille, faux leather, cotton velvet, and satin. We experiment with different trimmings and piping in various materials to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to our cushion covers.

Q.6: What are the different sizes of cushion cover sets?

A: Cobalt Living has a wide variety of cushion cover sets in various sizes. Their size options include 18x18 inches, 16x16 inches, 14x22 inches, and 12x18 inches. They also provide distinctive round cushions such as disc and ball cushions, which add a creative touch to your décor.