Choosing Design Patterns For Cushion Covers – Part 1

It’s not always about the colour of your walls that you need to change to make your house look pretty, but just a little bit of change in your home accessories, for instance, your cushion covers and the designs you choose for them, can make a huge impact. Cushions bring comfort and tint to your house, so here are some tips on choosing the cushion cover design patterns for a modern or contemporary space that make your home look outstanding.


Abstract patterns are mostly unique and out of the box. So they can be added in a place where you need some enhancing. They can either be organic or a play in colours. Depending on the arrangements of your room, you may choose which design pattern looks best. Your home is your best guide! Go for tones and accents that complement or match your furniture, curtains or wall colour schemes. These cushion cover designs can be used in a modern or contemporary setting and can be paired together or with solid or geometric cushion cover patterns as well.

Modern Designer Cushion Covers

Geometric cushion covers also mostly go with contemporary or modern arrangements. While your home is a place of comfort, these cushion cover designs bring an energetic vibe to your home. The following are some examples of the most popular geometrical patterns that will always be a good addition to your home.

Geometric Pattern Cushion Covers


The wavy, undulating pattern of chevron stripes has a strong impact and can bring about an air of relaxation in the room.

Chevron Stripes Cushion Cover


Striped cushions can be paired with some bold or contrasting cushion cover designs. They bring out a balance in any living space.

Striped Cushion Cover


The geometry of checks can also be paired with a designer cushion cover to bring balance and to add a geometric or woven element to your room. There are various types of checks that you can choose from. Some of the most preferred and popular are Houndstooth, Tartan/Plaid, Gingham, Shepherd, Windowpane, etc.

Checks Cushion Cover


Eclectic pattern designs are something unordinary and absolutely original. These are mostly bright and quickly grabs the attention of anyone. Therefore, it is recommended to place them in a contrast-rich area. These cushion covers patterns balanced with neutral-coloured cushions and furniture could make your room look a class apart.

Eclectic Cushion Cover

Keeping all these pointers in mind, choose the right cushion cover designs and patterns and you are all set to bring beauty and charm to your home!


Finding it difficult to look for individual cushion cover designs and pairing them for your living space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

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